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I am coding a psudo-cron job into an application that I am writing.  I don't  
have access to write a real cron job.

Here is what I did:
1 - I downloaded pseudocron.php from its website  
2 - I created a cronjob directory and put a crontab.txt in there and had the  
pseudocron.php hook up with it by properly configuring the section in that  
3 - I put an require_once("pseudocron.php") in my login screen so that when  
the user logs in the script is run.
4 - The cronjob runs setRemind.php.  All that does is set a session  
variable, $_SESSION['remind'] to true.
5 - In my template file, which is on every page in the application, I test  
on whether that variable is true or false.  If it is false, I write <body>.  
If it is true, I write <body onload="window.open("checkRemind.php")>
6 - The checkRemind.php accesses the database and sees if there are any  
reminders to show the user. It also sets the session variable to false.

The crontab.txt has a line:
*/1    *    *    *    Sun      cronjobs/setRemind.php     # repeat every one  

OK, other than the timer firing things, all works well.  Initially, it opens  
the reminder screen in a separate window and does what it should.  After  
that, changing pages does not invoke the check reminder screen.  This is as  
it should be.

Now for the problem.
The "cron" job should cause a firing every minute (I will set this at  
something between one and 24 hours later, but it is one minute now for  
debugging purposes).  The problem is that it is not firing or, at least  
appears not to be firing.

How can I debug this?  How can I determine if this pseudocron job is  
working?  IOW, how can I see if there is a timer job running?


Re: "Pseudo" cron job

Shelly wrote:
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I suggest you take this up with the people you got the pseudo-cron job  
from.  They know their script; we don't.

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Re: "Pseudo" cron job

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I thought I caught the error upon reading my post.  The line in the
crontab.txt should be
*/1    *    *    *    *      cronjobs/setRemind.php     # repeat every one

The previous one would only fire on Sundays.  I made the change, but it
still doesn't fire.


Re: "Pseudo" cron job

Shelly schrieb:
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Excuse me if I'm totally wrong since I recall some cron similar problem
from long ago. I don't know if it was the bitfolge.de script but one of
the cron format parsers out there wasn't capable of recognising the "/n"
syntax for "every n". Try if just "*" instead of "*/1" fires and if yes,
then you have to give it a "5,10,15,..." instead of "*/5".


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Re: "Pseudo" cron job

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That didn't work either.  I decided to ditch the whole thing and follow the  
K.I.S.S. principle AKA Occam's Razor.  I put in a javascript function call  
to a routine where I open the new window and call a setTimeout by calling  
itself.  IOW:

function remindTimer() {
 var t;
 t = setTimeout("remindTimer()", 60000);

This does the trick.

So much trouble for so little needed :-)


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