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I've read a few bits on the web about vulnerabilities in providing
file uploads where the upload could contain ../../ and so allow 'back
browsing' to other files on the server and copying them to a public
directory. If I was to check for this scenerio, would I have to do
something like (in simple terms):

if $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'] or $_FILES['userfile']['name'] =
echo u are norty
continue with code

Also, is it possible to verfiy that the referring html form to my
upload script originates from my server only? I could stop anyone from
creating their own forms then.

Many thanks

Re: protecting file upload (ahevans) wrote in news:d589c3f.0502120410.15a672d7

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(URL should all be on one line. Hey Google, new blows.)

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It's possible to detect the referring URL, but anyone can send whatever
Referer header they choose. There is no real security in checking the
Referer header.


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