Protected objects serialization on SOAP sessions

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  I'm facing a little problem with php 5.1 and SOAP sessions. I've
built a class which uses a few internal objects to solve a query, named

CWebService, and I've issued a:

$objServer = new SoapServer( 'WebService.wsdl' );
$objServer->setClass( 'CWebService' );
$objServer->setPersistence( SOAP_PERSISTENCE_SESSION );

  to leave php to manage all the intercommunication, which works great.

The problem is that between calls to differents methods (messages of
the WS) the internal objects lost their persistency. I mean, when in
the client side...:

$objWS = new SoapClient( 'WebService.wsdl' );
// Set a few arguments which altered internal objects behaviour
$objWS->setup( arg1, arg2, arg3 );
// Ooops! Internal objects lost their data

  I've tried with serialize() and unserialize(), trying to leave the
serialization stored into a variable of CWebService class (in server
side), but it seems doesn't work properly... maybe 'cos internal
objects have their own internal objects...?

  Any clue ...? Really thanks...  


Re: Protected objects serialization on SOAP sessions


  I've found that someone has troubles with the same issue... see Bug
#36424 Serializable interface breaks object references: .



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