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I'm looking for a way to allow users to download files, but what files
they see and can download need to be restricted to their username..

I will have a couple of users who will have full access, the others
need to see only the files I have allocated to them.

Can this be done ?

Any scripts available to do this ?


Re: Protected File Downloads wrote:

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If their username is a unix username (real user) than .htaccess could be of  
If the users are unrelated (eg Database-stored) to systemusers, you'll have  
to use PHP to deliver the file.

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Just place the files in a directory where nobody can access them directly  
via a http-request.
Let PHP, once you agreed that the user should be ok, read the file and give  
it to the user.
So the PHP-user (on *nix often: apache, or nobody, or www-data) should of  
course have read-right on all the files for this to work.

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No idea. Quite basic stuff.  
You can roll your own.
Have a look at, and look for fopen() and the other  

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Good luck.

Erwin Moller

Re: Protected File Downloads

Erwin Moller wrote:
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You don't have to be a unix username to be available in .htaccess.  mod_auth  
will handle non-unix names also.  For a few files and a few users, this would be  
pretty easy.  But as the number of files and users increases, it can become more  
difficult to administer.

How to set this up would be better asked in alt.apache.configuration.

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Yep, either place it before the website root directory or protect the directory  
with .htaccess.

If it's going to be a lot of files with a lot of users, I would recommend  
managing access in a database.  By this I don't mean to use the database itself  
to manage the security; rather use it in your PHP code to identify who can  
access what).

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I agree.  This is something that's just faster to write yourself than 1) Search  
the internet, 2) Determine which is closest to your needs, 3) Understand the  
code so that you can 4) Modify it to meet your exact needs.

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