Proper Way To Store, Retrieve Text To/From PostgreSQL

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I want to post text field data from these HTML TEXTAREA tags to a
PostgreSQL database and have it reappear back on another page exactly
as I had typed it. Over the years I have done this but only did it
with simple text. This time around, I want to handle much more complex
text. I need to preserve some kinds of features.

(Yes, I have turned off magic quotes.)

- Need to strip diacritics. I learned I could use htmlentities to
catch &?grave;, &?acute;, &?circ; &?uml; &?tilde; &?cedil; and the ?
can become the character I wish to preserve and strip the others.

- Need all text to be saved in US-ASCII format. Anything outside of
that can simply be ? character.

- Need to save all \r and \n as literally that in the database so that
SQL selects show everything on one line. This makes it easier to deal
with the records with the psql command.

- Need to preserve all US-ASCII characters so that things, such as ',
", \, <, >, %, &, and --, are preserved. I want the database to be
able to store these items and not munge them on me reading them back
out. For instance, if someone types in HTML, PHP source, or SQL
language code into a text field, I want the database to store it and
let me retrieve it without munging it.

- I fear storing the data as htmlentity, hexadecimal, or octal because
it adds huge width to the text column in the database. So, storing it
in some other format like slash-delimited would be best.

Basically I have a $web object with a Request('fieldname') method and
I need this function to handle the above for me on reading field data
so that it's ready to post to the database. I then have another
$strings object with a PrepareTextArea($s) method that helps me
translate this database data back into text prepared for either
ordinary HTML display or to put back into the TEXTAREA gadget on the

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Proper Way To Store, Retrieve Text To/From PostgreSQL

Alfred wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


    $encoded = addcslashes($raw, "..!@7..7");

(Remember that you must still use pg_escape_string() before you insert into
the database!)


    $raw = stripcslashes($encoded);

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Re: Proper Way To Store, Retrieve Text To/From PostgreSQL

Alfred wrote:
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First of all, htmlentities() is for displaying data in html - not  
storing in the database.

Then use pg_escape_string to encode your data and store it in your  
database.  Retrieve it then use htmlentities() to display the data.

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Re: Proper Way To Store, Retrieve Text To/From PostgreSQL

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Thanks, didn't know about that one. I'll give it a try.

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