project takeover/need help clearing easy bugs

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this is a relatively recent project which my programmer started last
month and got to the operational point but has left w/o clearing up
some bugs and not implementing some other features which we discussed
but never fully coded.

to summarize, the site itself is a database of closed ebay auctions
dealing with ancient roman coins. my initial programmer wrote a
scraper that goes over the auctions and parses out the records and
either rejects or accepts them based on keywords and simple rules i
made which are stored in CSV files. the scraper, which is a client app
that runs from my pc, then sends the information to the site where it
gets sorted into each of the many roman emperors and empresses.

the url for the site is the login is
rasiel and the pw is butterpip. the bug i would like to have fixed is
that when you click on an emperor who already has more than 100 coins
the second page returns an error.

the second error is that the results are displaying disorderly,
roughly from oldest to newest. i would like this to show the other way

the third error deals with the avg. sale price function which works
correctly when you click on each of the categories but stops
functining when you do a second search to narrow down the hits
further. for example, if i click on nero and then narrow down by
putting in keyword denarius the avg. sale price goes nuts and doesn't
reflect the actual avg. sale price of the coins found.

i'd like a quote on what it would take to fix these. if you think you
might be interested i'd like to consider having a new programmer
further develop the site and possibly develop coin scrapers for other

many thanks,

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