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Loaded question and varies widely am sure but am curious to know how
much PHP web developers get paid these days so if I contract with one
I'll have some idea  of the costs. Am especially interested (Ithink)
in one or two person 'homey' folk with low overhead but well skilled.
Am trying to avoid the local companies with 'corporate' budgets.

I have a crude website advertising my software product (not public
because am not ready). Is all PHP that largely needs cosmetizing and
stupidity correcting BUT in particular needs to add a 'Buy the
software' page to sell my single product over the Internet.

Ideas are:
a) via my website a buyer of my software pays money into my bank
account, I email a .zip file, without manual intervention
b) via my website a buyer of my software pays money into my bank
account, I email a 'password', buyer downloads a file at leisure (from
where, my server, my computer?) via the password, again no manual
c) I should talk to Paypal
d) other options?
e) I live where there is no PHP activity in driving distance

Concept is that all my time will be watching my bank account  online
rolling up::--))).

Will appreciate all polite advice.
Please, thanks
Graham Hobbs

Re: Programming Rates

On 8/18/2012 5:35 PM, Graham Hobbs wrote:
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It varies from around $10/hr to $125/hr, depending on location,
experience, quality of their coding and about 50 different things.  You
have a choice of:

1) Cheap
2) Fast
3) Quality

Pick any one.

Generally fixing someone else's poor PHP code is more expensive than
doing it right the first time.

And BTW - very little of the PHP work I do is local.  And I almost never
have to meet with customers face-to-face, even when they are local.

Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Programming Rates

Graham Hobbs wrote:
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What is the money unit you want it in. Is local importand or not.

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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Also if you are not sure what you
want, nobody can give you an accurate price. It will be too high or too
low. Both will be bad.
So first make it clear what exactly you want. Then set up a budget for
yourself. Look at your businessplan as it should be in there.

Next go looking for whomever is willing to take the deal. Be surprised
at the differences. When we did it at the company I worked, the prices
for our site was between 15.000EUR and 200.000 EUR. Our budget was
35.000 EUR and we took some small company who did it for 32.000 EUR

However we were very clear what we wanted and many of the people told us
so. We wanted a company in our country, who we could visit or they could
visit us.
It had to be open source and we must own the code (so no hostin
solution) so that f we so wanted, we could dump them and go elsewhere.

Obviously this was more then just a one page.

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There are many, many software packages that already do all that for you.
Both payware and freeware. Are you able to do many things yourself? Then
yo could use something like e.g. Drupal and have a Drupal developer do
customization, if you so like. Yes, you must start over from scratch,
but in the long run it will be easier.

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Email can be cumbersome. What if my provider thins it is spam? What if
by company blocks attachments? What if I deleted the mail before I saved
Using a download link will be much easier. There are plenty of ways to
do this. Also much easier if you suddenly have real success and
thousands of people want to buy your software. You can then host it on a
different server at perhaps a different company and do even download
depending on location.

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Don't do the payment to the bank account. It is slow and hard to track.
Use credit card companies. Manu solutions already exist for that.
If you have still no idea on how to people will download or get the
software, re-think your businessplan.

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You should talk to everybody. Paypal, Bitcoin, companies that handle
credit card payments.

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Yes. Most importand is to write down what you want. Make up your
businessplan. To me it sounds like you think you have great software
and people will knock down your door to buy it. However you have no
intention of investing money and/or time into it, because you want fee

Re-think what you want and write it down. Then go to your bank and see
if they would be willing to invest money that you need. Most likely they
won't. It will, however, make it clear for you what you want and thus

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That you know of. Obviously I have no idea where you live, but for all
you know, the people next door might be who you are looking for

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Then it will fail. From all the people who have been successfull in
business, all of then worked hard and long hours at least at the start.
Oh and most of them failed at least once.

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Re: Programming Rates


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Hey houghi,
Watching bank account was a joke!
Thanks for your comments. Them plus Jerry's neatish answer .. I know
what to expect.

Re: Programming Rates

On Sat, 18 Aug 2012 17:35:12 -0400, Graham Hobbs wrote:

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There are some really good coding forums you should check out.
Get to know the better for hire scripters are.
Personally, I avoid people from India. When they're not spammiing websites
from their boiler factory closet, they're looking to make a few bucks.

About your bank idea, forget it. The bank ain't gonna let it happen the way
you want.
Money orders are always a good way to accept payment to start with.
Check your host, they may have a way for you to take credit cards.

Happy hunting and please don't feed the sasquatch.

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