Programming Contest - Create A Crossword

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I hope you'll allow me a few moments to tell you about
a programming contest that may be of interest to you.
It's completely for fun, unsponsored, and pressure-free.

It's called the POTM, and we live at ...

The current contest, with a deadline at the end of February,
involves creating a crossword puzzle from a supplied wordlist.
There are a few twists involved (like reuse of words and the
availability of a "flipper" square) that make the problem
a bit different from other crossword creation puzzles.

We have about 750 forum members registered and an active
community ... I hope you'll give us a visit and sign up
for the next POTM.   In addition to C/C++, several non-compiled
languages like Perl, Python, and PHP are available.  We have
super-programmers and folks who are taking the opportunity to
learn a new language competing side-by-side.  The POTM has a
rich history (1993-2000) and a library of past problems to
browse through.

Thanks for your time.
=Fred (a.k.a. The POTM-MASTER)

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