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I have a multi line form that lets users paste in addresses for our
internal mailing lists --- 30 to 50 addresses is average. I want to be
able to add all of the names into the mysql table by looping through the
list and adding each name after the form is posted. I am unable to
locate a tutorial on getting this to work, so I suppose there must be a
better way to do this without uploading a text file. Does anyone know
how to do this in php?

Re: processing lines in a form

brian cole wrote:
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How is the form set up? Is each address entered in a separate text box
or is all of the text typed in on textarea? It makes a difference when
it comes to writing the PHP to process the information.


Re: processing lines in a form

brian cole wrote [edited]:
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This is the script that receives your form submittal:

/* let's say your textarea is named "addresses" */
foreach (explode("\n", $_POST['addresses']) as $line) {
  /* validate and add line (hopefully with ONE address) to an array */
  $addr_to_mysql[] = mysql_escape_string(validate($line));

/* You now have an array with addresses */
$sql  = "insert into mailing_list (addr) values ('";

/* use it to build the SQL command string */
$sql .= implode("', '", $addr_to_mysql);

$sql .= "')";

/* Just send the $sql to your database server */
echo $sql;
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