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i need to process every character in a file, so i open the file read
in buffers of about 8192bytes and process each buffer, then i write
the output to another file.

the problem is that with large files(>8Mb) i get a script error(Fatal
error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded ).
i acess every character in the buffer with
$chr=ord($bufferIn); (where $i=0...8192)
seems like all he time the script consumes is in the for loop and the
chr/ord functions.

can i do something to speed things up?
is there any other way of acessing a single characher except
$bufferIn ?

Re: process a BIG string wrote:

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I am not sure if you can speed things up in your script, but why not simply  
increase the max_execution time?

This can be done with  
for 60 seconds.

Have a look here for more options:

You might also hit the roof of your memory usage if you handle and process  
very large file. In that case look at: memory_limit (defaults to 8MB)

Hope that helps.

Erwin Moller

Re: process a BIG string

I won't hit the memory limit because i only read about 10 to 64Kb at a
tim from the file, process it and output it to the other one.
I'm not sure that increasing the execution time will be the solution,
this thing should be able to process files of about 100-200Mb, and if i
need 30seconds for a 2-3Mb file, i can't imagine how long it will take
to process a 100Mb file. during this time the user won't get any
I'm goint to take your solution into consideration, longer exection
time and a FAST server might do the trick...

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Re: process a BIG string

_q_u_a_m_i_s's wrote:
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If you've got that big of a file to process, you might need to think  
about a different approach.  Even a faster server probably won't get a  
200MB file done in a reasonable time.  And if you extend your time  
limit, your browser might time out (although you could send data every  
once in a while to keep the connection active, this isn't foolproof,  

In your situation I think I'd do it in a compiled language such as C and  
set it up as a batch job or even a PHP extension.  The C routine will  
run much faster than PHP, and should solve a lot of your problems.

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Re: process a BIG string wrote:
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I know this may be sacrilege on this list :-), but perhaps you might  
consider something like C?  If all you're doing is processing single  
chars, and you don't need a lot of the data structure and management  
stuff PHP provides, C might be a much faster alternative....


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Not without resolving the problem of why you need to examine each char.

I would suggest that you before commencing the processing you put:

ignore_user_abort();    // in case your browser timeout.

...then in the read loop but ouitside the char loop provide a machanism for
stopping runaways:

if ((rand(0,20)==10) && (file_exists("break")) {


Re: process a BIG string

i will use that..

a good advice would be also
 so i can "resume" file processing from time to time...but i guess it
wold be better to just take the time a do the whole file-processing at
also, this thing seems interesting i may do
an output to the broser, telling the user the progress with that file.
thanks a lot.

PS: what do you mean by runaways? you mean that the script could enter
a infinite loop? or is it something i'm missing here?

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