Problems with MySQL extension.

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I'm working on Ubuntu 5.04 operating system. Yesterday I installed PHP
5.0 from package and some modules (php5.0-mysql).
I have installed MySQL 4.1 server and client.
But when I'm trying to connect with MySQL, I see error, that
php5.0-mysql is not installed. But it's installed, I'm sure!

Result of phpinfo() is that PHP don't see MySQL extension (but other
extensions are OK).

I have all extension files (500mysql.ini, in "good" places.

Can I add mysql extension manually, by php.ini file? (Or other way?).

Best regards,

PS. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Poland :)
PSS. phpMyAdmin works, but I don't know, why. Other PHP/MySQL scripts
doesn't work...

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