Problems with mkdir() and is_dir()

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I'm creating a script for our website which will function as something
of a docment manager.  The backend features an option to create a new
directory in the uploads subdirectory.  The problem is, once I've used
mkdir() to create this file, when I later run is_dir() on the filename,
I get 'false'.  Even worse, if I run is_file() on the new directories,
I get false as well.  The same thing seems to be happening to files I
submit via the script, though that is less of a worry (I never actually
*need* to run this test).  Here is a copy of a smaller script I threw
together trying to figure out what exactly was going on:


function getDirectoryList($root="(this is where the directory I'm
working in goes)"){


  $dir = dir($root);

  while($file = readdir($dir->handle)){
      echo "<br />directory:" . $file;
    } elseif(is_file($file)){
      echo "<br />file:" . $file;
    } else {
      echo "<br />dunno:" . $file;




Here's what I get:


The last two, PDFs and somecrap, are folders created with mkdir().  The
.pngs are files uploaded via a PHP script.  Is this some kind of fluke
with PHP, or is there anything I can do?  Thank you all in advance for
your help.


Re: Problems with mkdir() and is_dir()

Juby wrote:

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Hi Juby,

Where is the directory excactly?
How does the path look?
Is it some networkmapped directory, samba, etc?

Maybe you forgot to use \ before / ?

If you provide that info, maybe we can find the problem.

Erwin Moller

Re: Problems with mkdir() and is_dir()


Thanks for your help, but I actually figured it out.  It turned out
that the script was looking in its own directory for these files, not
the directory I was having it search.  I just prepended the $root
string onto the $file variable, and everything worked smooth as silk.
Hopefully someone else runs across this and figures out their own
stupidity before making a public fool of themselves, like I did!  :-)

Andrew Juby

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