Problems with External Php Extensions

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I am trying to build a simple PHP Extension which simply returns a
string object.

I have followed the tutorial found on
up until the deployment stage. Instead of deploying the compiled
module in the PHP Ini directory, I copied it in the same folder where
the test.php page is. Then I am loading the module using the dl()

By using the extension_loaded() method I am making sure that the
extension is loaded successfully, however when I try to execute the
GetMessage method found in the extension, the php compiler just
crashes. ie. it stops compiling and does not issue any form of error

I even tried to capture any exception thrown by calling the
GetMessage() function from within a Try Catch block, however no
exception is thrown, the compiler just crashes, or so it seems.

Any idea what I might be doing incorrectly? Since the Extension
compiles successfully and the module files are created without error,
can I consider that step done? Or can the problem reside in the
original source?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Re: Problems with External Php Extensions

Luke wrote:
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Compilers only catch syntax errors.  They won't catch things like access
violations or any of a million other runtime errors you might have.

You need to determine exactly where your problem lies.  My bet is on
your extension.

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Re: Problems with External Php Extensions

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There is no such thing as a "string object" in PHP.  In PHP, strings
are scalar...

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dl() is not a method (meaning, it doesn't belong to any object), it is
a function.

Have you read the documentation for dl()?  Are you sure that it is
allowed on your system to load an extension from the directory where
your scripts are located?


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