Problems using $_POST variables

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I'm trying to convert someone's code written using register global variables
to using $_POST.
So I find lot's of cases where the writer has used if ($update) .... which
is passed in the url of the page like page.php?update=something.
So I replaced $update with $_POST['update'] in the test and this usually
works, except when printing/echoing into strings.
So a line like
print $update ; if replaced by print $_POST['update'] ; does not work, the
script seems to crash with no output.
If I write
$update=$_POST['update']  ;
echo $update ; this works.
Another example is in javascript script which contains
<?php echo "faq_admin.php?var1=$var1&var2=$var2" ?>
If I change it to
<?php echo "faq_admin.php?var1=$_POST['var1']&var2=$_POST['var2']" ?>
it crashes.

I'm missing something about the $_POST variables. Can someone point ot an
explanation ?

Re: Problems using $_POST variables

Tony B wrote:

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<?php echo "faq_admin.php?var1=&var2=" ?>

Though you should probably pass that whole lot through htmlentities() for
security reasons:

<?php echo
htmlentities("faq_admin.php?var1=&var2="); ?>

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Re: Problems using $_POST variables

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Try $_GET.

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