Problem with sybase_fetch_array()

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I am extracting data from MSSQL with the usual system:

sybase_connect() to connect
sybase_select_db() to select the db
sybase_query() to execute the query
while cycle with sybase_fetch_array() to get data

On an old linux pc (Debian Woody, apache 1.3.26 and php 4.1.2)
everything works fine.
On a new machine (Debian Sarge, apache 2.0.54 and php 4.3.10) it's just
the same, except when the query does not fetch any rows. In this case
the script issue the error "Warning: sybase_fetch_array(): supplied
argument is not a valid Sybase
result resource in ..." when it tries to execute the
sybase_fetch_array() function.

Scripts are the same on both pc, the MSSQL database is the same, also
php.ini on both machines are pretty the same (in the first one, I have
an entry in the [Sybase] section pointing to a not existing
/etc/freetds/interfaces file. In the second .ini this entry does not

On both pc all packets were installed via aptitude and no recompiling
took place.

Anybody could help me to find where is the problem?

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