problem with session

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My site has:

-         1 frame in top where I have some images to change the language of
the site if clicked

-         1 frame at left for the menu

-         1 frame at middle to load the page chosen in menu

in the  index.php my code is

(i save in a var the name of the page displayed and the language active)



                            $_SESSION['mainform'] = "main.php";




                            $_SESSION['language'] = "ITA";


in the  TopFrame my code is

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

function LanguageChange(language)


            //i get the current viewed page


            //i change the site language

            switch (language)


                        case 'ITA':


<?php              $_SESSION['language']='ITA';            ?>


                        case 'ENG':


<?php              $_SESSION['language']= 'ENG';            ?>






$TMPLAN=$_ SESSION ['language'];


<form name=\"TopForm\">

<input name=\"selected_language\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"$TMPLAN\">

<input name=\"main_form\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"main.php\">




&nbsp;<img src=\"../italiano.bmp\" onClick=\"LanguageChange('ITA')\">



&nbsp;<img src=\"../inglese.bmp\" onClick=\"LanguageChange('ENG')\">





in una mia pagina che carico al FrameCentrale utilizzo queste istruzioni

(i have to read the variable of the 2 session or read the value in


            if ($_SESSION['language']=='ITA')

                        echo "testo italiano";


            if ($_SESSION['language']=='ENG')


                        echo "testo inglese";



the problem is that i can't change the language as i aspect.

Can anyone help me as soon as possible, please.

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