problem with php and digest authentication scope

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I'm using apache 2.0.59 and php 5.2.
I've a problem authenticating a user.
When a user is not authenticated he's being redirected to
index php will then send the following header
I'm sending the user this header to authenticate a user:
    header('WWW-Authenticate: Digest '.
            'realm="'.$this->realm.'", '.
        //    'domain="'.$this->baseURL.'", '.
            'qop=auth, '.
            'algorithm=MD5, '.
            'nonce="'.$this->getNonce().'", '.


 where $this->baseURL ="/";

The user is then authenticated on my server and can see the page
if I send requestes for  /index/index.php I see that the client
correctly sends Authorization headers in the response so there is no
Then If the user go to /query/indexquery.php or somewhere else, his
browser (which is IE6) doesn't send   Authorization headers so I can't
check whether he is authenticated or not.

I've tried to change baseURL to be "\" or "//". I just can't figure it
out why I get this problem, when by setting the domain to "/" I
expected to be authenticated on the whole site and not just in some

Anyone has a clue of what's happening?

thank you


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