Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?

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is there a known bug on php 5.2.4 in wamp5 (
en/index.php) about having different kinds of printing for some
numeric values.

This script works perfectly on an linux based server on internet but
doesn't on my local wamp5. (here is the screnshot)

the 8100*1000 and  8200*1000 looks like "bizarre" but not 8099*1000 or
Any explanation ?

And sorry for my poor english, I'm french

Christophe Charron

The script :

header('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');
define('EOL', "\r\n");
function multiplie($toto) {
  echo ("------------------------").EOL;
  $qte_stock= $toto;
  echo $qte_stock.EOL;
  echo $val_qte_stock.EOL;
  echo $val_qte_stock.EOL;
  echo $val_qte_stock.EOL;
  echo ("double -> ". (double) $val_qte_stock).EOL;
  echo $val_qte_stock.EOL;
  echo ("double -> ". (double) $val_qte_stock).EOL;
  echo EOL;

Re: Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?

WAMP is only PHP installer. Thus, while your PHP works it can't be
WAMP problem. Can you describe your goal? What do you want to achieve?

Re: Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?

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i agree with you but wamp runs in window environment and this can
explain a difference and maybe (i don't hnow if it right) php window
version is'nt the same as linux version.
In fact, i'd like to obtain the same results on an internet linux
than on a local window server (screenshot of the result :
The script is the same but results for 8100.000*1000 and 8200.000*1000
are different. Id like to understand the diffrence between the 2 env
and why, in my wamp env it seems to be good for 8099.000*1000 and
8201.000*1000 values !!

Christophe Charron

Re: Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?

Christophe Charron wrote:
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The result is not bizarre it is absolutely correct. The only difference
is that it is written in scientific notation.

I don't know why one PHP version switches to scientific notation earlier
than the other, but that might have something to do with the precision
setting in php.ini.

; The number of significant digits displayed in floating point numbers.
precision    =  14

Check whether precision is set to the same value on both servers.


Re: Problem with php 5.2.4 on wamp5 ?

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when i say bizarre, it is because I dont understand why php displays
scientific notation for  8100.000*1000 or 8200.000*1000 and standard
notation for 8099.000*1000 or 8201.000*1000. I'd like to understand
that !
The localeinfo() are the same for both servers and precision is 12 in
both ini files.

Christophe Charron

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