Problem with PEAR::DataObject

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I'm pretty new to Object Oriented design in PHP (although I'm using PHP
since a long time, and I also code with Java, so this is not a problem
for me) and I need some help with PEAR::DataObject
( ).
I tried several times to get it to run but there seem to be some
concepts that I can't get...
I can't even use the Factory to build an object since I get the
following error:

DB_DataObject Error: factory could not find class  from Project

Project is a class I wrote (or to be more precise DataObjects_Project).
Ok so here comes my config:

// Setup of DataObject stuff.
$options = &PEAR::getStaticProperty('DB_DataObject','options');
$options = array(
    'database'         => $dsn,
    'schema_location'  => dirname(__FILE__).'/DataObjects',
    'class_location'   => dirname(__FILE__).'/DataObjects',
    'require_prefix'   => 'DataObjects/',
    'class_prefix'     => 'DataObjects_',
(copied right from the user manual...)

And I have a class DataObjects_Project in

class DataObjects_Project extends  DB_DataObject {
  var $project_id;
  var $project_description;
  var $project_date;

As you can see nothing fancy here, but I want to be able to load the
data from the database before expanding the classes...

Can someone help me???

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