problem with globals (?)

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Hi there,

I have a center-file index.php
in it various files are included: inc/config.php, inc/functions.php

in config.php $pagetitle is declared.
if i call Header(), located in functions.php, it builds the header
<html> thrue to <body> (by including header.php)
the pagetitle is reffered to as $GLOBALS['pagetitle'] and that works.

i also have a function in functions.php called NotPriviledged( $title,
$meta, $java )
It returns
echo 'You are not priviledged to view this page.';

$title is meant for an additional pagetitle, $meta for additional
meta-tags, and java for additional javascripts.

Somehow, i'm unable to get the variables inside Header() (/header.php)
by calling NotPriviledged.

How do i get them in there?


Re: problem with globals (?)

before you call function NotPriviledged,
have you assign a value to $GLOBALS['pagetitle'] ?

this global variable might be empty because you only declare $pagetitle
not the global variable. The $pagetitle value is not accessible from
NotPriveledged function.


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Re: problem with globals (?)

*** frizzle escribió/wrote (27 Jun 2006 03:05:52 -0700):
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Check this:

$a = 1;
$b = 2;

function Sum()
   global $a, $b;

   $b = $a + $b;

echo $b;

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Re: problem with globals (?)

header() is a built in function used to send HTTP headers. Change the

You should be seeing an error unless you've turned them off.

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Re: problem with globals (?)

ImOk wrote:
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Header() was a mistake of mine, i called it Head(); ( and Foot(); )
Anyway, i'll have time to look at your responses in the evening.

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