Problem with executing a command from within my script

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I'm working on a web-based mail quarantine management system, and am
running into some problems getting it to run the command to release a

The main exertp of the  script is below:


    echo "Releasing /var/amavis/quarantine/" . $_POST['release'] . " to
user " . $_POST['user'] . "<br><br>";
    $command = "/usr/sbin/amavisd-release " . $_POST['release'] . " " .
    echo $command . "<br>";
    passthru($command, $return_val);
    echo "<br>" . $return_val;

End script

This command works fine from the command line, but won't run using this
code.  It comes back with a return code of 13 each time.  I've also
tried the exec and popen functions in place of passthru() with no luck.
 If it matters any, amavisd-release is an executable Perl script.

Any ideas?

Mike Gaskins

Re: Problem with executing a command from within my script

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 The meaning of return codes depends on context, but if it was raised by the OS
then 13 matches "Permission denied", and that seems fairly likely. The user and
environment will be quite different between your command line and the webserver

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