Problem with Arrays and For Each

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What I am trying to do is get all the information in the text area into
the database. But what happens with this script, is that for each $div,
a NEW entry gets put into the database.  I want EVERYTHING in the text
area into ONE new entry in the database...

 echo '<textarea name="style" cols="50" rows="5"
foreach($match[0] as $div) {
 $div = str_replace(''', '"', $div);

 echo $div;



echo "</textarea>";

 $sql = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `layoutsQ` ( `auto` , `site` , `cat` ,
`code` , `name` )
'', 'myspace', '$cat', '$div', '$name'
)",$piggybank) or die("db error");


Re: Problem with Arrays and For Each

ameshkin wrote:
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Well, your first problem is one of flow.

PHP is executed server side.  That means all the php in this page is  
executed before the page is sent to the browser.

If you want the textarea to be inserted into a database, you have to  
create a form and post the form back to the server - the easiest for now  
just to use a second page.  In that second page, get the data from the  
request ($_POST['style']) and insert it into the database.

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