Problem When Generating HTML

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I am having troubles with my script. It is supposed to generate a
"map" from a serialized array stored in a database. However, it is not
generating any html. I know the data is being retrieved from the
database and being unserialized properly as I've tested that. It seems
to not go through the loop.

     * function drawMap( $startx, $starty, $p1, $p2, $p3 )
     * Generates html for output.
    function drawMap( $startx, $starty, $p1, $p2, $p3 )
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM `cp_citymap` WHERE `p1` = '$p1' AND `p2` =
'$p2' AND `p3` = '$p3'";
        $query = $this->database->query( $sql );
        $num = $this->database->count_rows( $query );

        if( $num != 1 )
            $this->error = "Could not find City Map data.";
            return false;

        $row = $this->database->get_row( $query );

        $mapArray = unserialize( $row['blocks'] );

        $x = $startx;
        $y = $starty;
        $maxx = $x - 11;
        $maxy = $y + 10;

        while( $x < $maxx )
                $this->outputHTML .= "<span class=\"cityMapBlock\"><a href=\"#\"
title=\"" . $mapArray[$x][$y]['type'] . "\">" . $mapArray[$x][$y]
['type'] . "</a></span>";

            if( $mapArray[$x][$y] == $maxy )
                $this->outputHTML .= "</br>";
                $y = $maxy - 10;

        return true;

Any help at all would be appreciated greatly, and I'll give you a
million internets.

Re: Problem When Generating HTML

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You have this:

$x = $startx;

Then you have:

$maxx = $x - 11;

So, right from the start, $maxx is less than $x.  As such, the
condition in your while loop ($x < $maxx) is never true.

Re: Problem When Generating HTML

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I just realized that I pasted the wrong while function. It is still
the same, only I meant for it to be:
while( $x > $maxx )

Since $maxx will be a number less that $x. It starts reading the data
from the top left corner of the "graph" However, I now get a 500
error. The error_log says: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes
exhausted (tried to allocate 10 bytes)

I've never encountered this in my PHP adventures.

Re: Problem When Generating HTML

On Wed, 02 May 2007 15:22:46 -0700, dawnerd wrote:

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You have included the $x decrement in the if-clause, so unless you get
there right away you keep adding the same line to your $html over and
over, which, as the error told you, ends as soon as the variable has eaten
all of your available memory (default is 8 megs I believe).
Outside the if $x should get a new value.



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