Problem to connect to Msession daemon with Apache

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My Web server is running on Suse with apache2 and PHP 5.0.2. The
msession server (Version 1.21) works perfectly locally using the
provided tools (/usr/local/phoenix/bin/). For the browser test I use a
test script that came with Msession.

As long as I make all Msession calls local it works fine. But the moment
I use a browser get a strange behavior. Running the test script for the
first time does exactly what it should do and as long as I make my
next request within a 15 second timeframe since my last call everything
seems OK. But if i try local to get the status the following error appears

   www:/etc/init.d # ./msessiond status
   Failure: Can not open connection to host "localhost" on port 8086

Meanwhile, if within the 15 second timeframe, the browser-script works
as it should. But the moment I wait more than 15 seconds and then send a
request I get the following error:

   **Warning*: msession_connect() [function.msession-connect
   <http://www7.test.local/function.msession-connect ]:
   MSession connect failed in
   */htdocs/home/projekte/community/msession.php* on line *22*
   **Warning*: msession ....

To be able to use the script or the local functions again I have to
restart apache (not Msession). I have noticed that after stopping apache
I can use the local functions of Msession again.

If I use a second browser (same computer or different) the error occurs
immediately in the second browser (the first browser works as described

It is as if when I make a call with a browser localhost 8086 is reserved
for this apache-instance alone and never is freed again.

I am grateful for every answer

additional Msession status

code:www:/etc/init.d # ./msessiond status
MSession Version 1.21 [Nov 22 2004]
Thread Pool: yes
Sockets Waiting: 0
Total dialogs: 1
Dialogs per second: 0
Total Sessions: 3
Dropped Connections: 0
Total Threads: 100
Max Threads: 256
Active Threads: 1
Autosave: 0
Memory handles: 0
Phoenix Memory: 0
System Memory: 268952
System Frag: 1384
www:/etc/init.d #

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