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I have a problem with sessions - how to resolve this:

"Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers  
already sent (output started at c:\usr\krasnal\www\an\edycja.php:8) in  
c:\usr\krasnal\www\an\edycja.php on line 11"

Thx for all


Re: Problem - sessions

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Take the stuff on line 8 that generates output, and move it *AFTER* line
11.  Even a blank line outside <?php ?> is a problem.

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                            Gordon L. Burditt

Re: Problem - sessions

Tomasz Nowak wrote:
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This message means that when php reached line 11 and tried the
session_start() you have there, it was unable to do so because output
had already started (by something you wrote on line 8) and headers
(which are needed for session management) *have*to*be* sent before
anything else.

So, do one of the following:

a) delete line 8;
b) move line 11 to somewhere before line 8;
c) try to code your site without sessions;

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Re: Problem - sessions

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It's one of the most frequent problems and a little websearch for "headers
already sent" will return more than enough good solutions.

a-) As the error message suggests, make sure there is no output before you call
session_start or header. Usually, this happens because there is some whitespace
before the <? where the php code starts.

b-) Use outputbuffering. . Notice that this does not buffer

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