Problem retrieving results from database

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Hi all,

I'm trying to retrieve fields from my database with following mysql

$query = SELECT g_games.Title FROM g_collections, g_personal_reviews,
g_games WHERE (g_games.ID=g_personal_reviews.G_ID AND
g_collections.U_ID = '" . $data1['ID'] . "' AND g_personal_reviews.C_ID
= '" . $data2['ID'] . "' )  ";
$resultset = mysql_query($query);
$data = mysql_fetch_array($resultset);

3 Rows in my database comply with the above statement... though I only
get 1 to show up on my php page? How can I show all of them?

This is the php code I'm using to write the results:

while ($data= mysql_fetch_array($resultset))
echo $data[Title]." ";

My tables are as followed:
g_personal_reviews > this table connects all others with G_ID ("game
ID"), C_ID ("Collection_ID"), U_ID ("User ID)...

Re: Problem retrieving results from database

evetommy wrote:
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Two things: don't do this

$data = mysql_fetch_array($resultset);

and this

while ($data= mysql_fetch_array($resultset)) {
  echo $data[Title]." ";

both. If you execute both of these statements, the first row never gets
echo'd. But this would give you two rows in the while loop if the total
is three. So you should also check if the query actually returns the
three rows, by doing something like this:

echo $query;die;

.... and then copying and pasting the query into the mysql commandline
client and checking what the actual result is.


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