Problem on IE refreshing form elements values

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I have this problem I can´t solve.

I´m using some mix of javascript / php / ajax code to open a text
file, process its info and close it.

While skiping through the text file lines, I´d like some of myForm
elements be updated with the info extracted from the file.

This way, the user realice that actually some process is being executed
and forgets about "oh ! this isn´t working, I'll try closing and
opening the app again".

Here is some part of the HTML code:

<FORM name="myForm" id="myForm" method="POST" >

<INPUT type="text" name="employee" id="employee">

<INPUT type="button" name="btnProcess" id="btnProcess"
onclick="xajax_ProcessFile();" >


and part of my ProcessFile() php function should look like:

$h = fopen($file_name,"rb") ;

while( ($fld = fgetcsv($h, 35," ")) !== FALSE ) {
    $emp = $fld[0] ;

return $objResponse->getXML();

Now... on Mozilla/FireFox this works just like I expect.
As the function skips through the text file lines, the value of
myForm.employee.value is updated with some text of the line being
But, on IE nothing happens until the function reachs the end of the
text file (when the last record do appears on myForm.employee.value )
So, on both navigators my function reaches its propose (that is to
process the text file) but on IE the info is not shown on the form
while processing.

Any idea ???

Re: Problem on IE refreshing form elements values

odgarro wrote:
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Wouldn't this be better handled on comp.lang.javascript, it really isn't  
anything to do with PHP  

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