Problem mysql_connect : Help ?

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Le 30 08 MMVII,


I have a problem using to connect to MYSQL from one server to another

In other words, On server A, I have my PHP files, and on server B, I
have MySQL installed.
Localhost is fine, but an I.P. as a host lead to an error : Warning:
mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on '207

Here is what I got :

   $dbtype = "mysql"; ##Defines Database type
   $dbhost = ""; ##Your host
   $dbuname = "maincontheaderbox"; ##Database Name
   $dbpasswd = "bobyken"; ##Database Password
   $dbase = "z_extras";
maincontheaderbox is the root user getting all previleges.

Comment : I mentioned PORT 3306. Not sure at all of that port (from
OVH services)

2) my.cnf

I ensured that my.cnf does not forbid outside mysql connections.

3) Doc
$db_url = 'mysql://My_Account_Name(A)_username:password@localhost/

Many thanks for your help from your knowledge and experience.


Re: Problem mysql_connect : Help ?

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