Problem Loading Two db Tables with Script

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The purpose of the script below is to load the same news item into two
different MySQL tables (thus displaying the same news item on two web
pages). The problem I am having is this: The script actually
works--but just once. The next time I run it (even days later), it
will not load the data. It just displays the error message from line
#37; in other words, there is no value in $result.

(BTW, I have stripped out all security temporarily. I understand that
in its present form this is an insecure script. It is not being left
on the server.)

Server PHP: 4.3.4
Server MySQL: 3.23.58

Can anyone figure out why this script would successfully load the two
tables, but only once? Thank you for your time and consideration.



   $strTitle = 'Post Weekly News';
    require ("header.php");
<div id="center">
   <FORM action="<?=$PHP_SELF?>" method="POST">
   <p>Headline: <br>
   <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="headline" SIZE="50" /><br>
   <p>Story text: <br>
   <TEXTAREA NAME="story" ROWS="10" COLS="50" /></TEXTAREA><br>
   <p>Start Date: <br>
   <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="initdate" SIZE="12" /><br>
   <p>End Date: <br>
   <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="expdate" SIZE="12" /></p>        
   <INPUT TYPE=submit name="reg2" VALUE="Submit" />
   <INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE="Clear Fields" />
   // Connect to the database server
   $dbcnx = @mysql_connect("localhost", <user>, <password>);
   if (!$dbcnx) exit();
   // Select the database
   if (! @mysql_select_db("<db_name>")) exit();
   if (!isset($reg2)) {
       echo("No submission yet.");
       // load row into news table
       $sql = "insert into news set
       $result = (@mysql_query($sql));
       if (!$result) {
           echo("<p>ERROR: <b>News</b> table NOT loaded.</p>");
           echo("<p><b>News</b> table loaded.</p>");
       if ($result) {
           $sql2 = "insert into hc_news set
           $result2 = (@mysql_query($sql2));
           if (!$result2) {
                echo("<p>ERROR: <b>HC_News</b> table NOT
                echo("<p><b>HC_News</b> table loaded.</p>");
                echo("<p>Both tables loaded successfully.</p>");

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