Problem: Javascript & PHP form with HTML_QuickForm

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I have a problem with a form using the PHP PEAR HTML_QuickForm package &

I want to record the content of my form into a mySQL database then
execute a javascript function.

My problem is that javascript is executed before the mySQL insertion.
I actually need the mySQL insertion first, since my javascript function
is supposed to close the window...

Thanks for your help.

A short explanation of my code:

#--- 1 ---
#javascript function

#--- 2 ---
# javascript is called by the action field of my form

# PHP code
$form = new HTML_QuickForm('createNewsCategoryForm',

# HTML result
<form action="javascript:addValue();" method="post" ... >

#--- 3 ---
# form validation du formulaire and insertion into the mySQL database:
if ($form->validate()) {
  $form->process('dataProcessing', false);
else {

function dataProcessing($values){
  #mySQL Insert request

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