problem for inserting forms text values

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hey all:
I do a loop that creates text forms on the fly kinda  like this:

for (i,i<=$x,i++)(
echo "<input type=text name=$forname> <br>"
$values .= "$forname,"


 echo "<input form type=submit name="submit">"


if ($submit)
//to get rid of the last comma:
$myvalues= str_replace($values,-1)
//i use a function to get the $namesofcolumns but im in a netcafe
right now so...
mysql_query(insert into blabla ($namesofcolumns) values ($myvalues);

the problem is that the insert works but only null values get
inserted, how can I do that?

thanx in advance

Re: problem for inserting forms text values

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I didn't see enough of your code to know for sure that this is the case, but
I'm guessing you're working on the assumption that register_globals in
php.ini is set to On. The best policy to go by is to use $_POST['somevar']
instead of $somevar, as that will be more reliable. For example, your line
"if ($submit)" should be "if ($_POST['submit'])". Or actually, "if
(isset($_POST['submit']))" for good measure...

- JP

Re: problem for inserting forms text values

ok this is my code, when I try to insert the values I get 1,2,3,4 etc
instead of what is entered in the form, can u tell me where is my
mistake please and how to solve the whole thing pease?


if ($material_to_be_added==$j)
$resultprod = $sqlquery ("describe $tabname");
echo "<form method=\"post\" action=$php_self>";
while($row = $sqlfetcharray($resultprod)) {
  $col_name = $row['Field'];
  $null_value = $row['Null'];
  $translated_colname = 'translation_'.$col_name ;
  $dispayed_colname = $;
 if ($col_name=='id' || $null_value=='YES')
  echo "";
  else {echo "<br>$dispayed_colname:<BR><INPUT TYPE=\"TEXT\"
NAME=\"$k\" SIZE=\"40\">";
$col_to_insert .= "$col_name,";
$cols_to_insert = substr_replace($col_to_insert,'',-1);
$val_to_insert .= "$k,";
$vals_to_insert = substr_replace($val_to_insert,'',-1);
$k = $k +1;
echo "<p><input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"$submit\">
    </form><p> $cols_to_insert <p> $vals_to_insert";
if ($submit) {
 $result=$sqlquery("INSERT INTO $tabname($cols_to_insert)".
        "VALUES ($vals_to_insert)");

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