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I would like to create a client login form for an small advertising

What I need it to do is this,
1. The client logs into the website.
2. The client would see his job images.
3. he then could aprove it or send a comment back to the designer.

My question is,

1. Does anyone know of an existing project that can do this?
2. If I write it what would be the best way to present the client a
page that only will show his job.


Re: Private Client View

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Unique user id would help...  This is primarily for an example but would  
work if you didn't want to create super users which I would recommend doing.

|   user  |
  user_id int (PK)
  user_username varchar(32)
  user_password char(32)

|  file |
  file_id int (PK)
  user_id int (FK) //user that created the file
  file_name varchar(50) //basename
  file_type varchar(15) //mime type
  file_desc text

| user_to_file |
  user_id (FK)
  file_id (FK)

Now basically only use user_to_file for viewing/downloading permissions  
and the user that created the file in the file table would have full  
permissions.  This is only a quick layout I would recommend going  
further on it and adding more permission structures etc.

The reason the password is stored as char(32) is so you can encrypt it  
with your own functions.

Mike Willbanks
Zend Certified Engineer

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