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I 've developed an application for secretaries in universities so as to
save the student's data, grades, etc.

One last thing I have to do is print some reports. For example all the
grades of a studentin his 4 year studies.

I think I shouldn't stick to html, because I want to manipulate the
pages as I please. I thought of making a pdf but it's not that easy.

I have seen HTML_2_PDF which uses html2ps but since the web app will be
located in a window server I leave it out.

any other suggestions?

thanks a lot.

Re: Printing reports

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Sounds like it's going to be fairly simple html tables, so htmldoc
will do the job fine, it works on windows servers too, but you need
access to install applications on the server.

You can find it at:

Hope it helps.

Henrik Hansen

Re: Printing reports

G0ng wrote:
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So if you want to manipulate content as you please, why do you choose
PDF, which is kind of difficult to manipulate once it is created?  You
should consider generating content editable with a word processor.  I
have had some luck with RTF (which is a format many popular word
processors understand).  Here is a post I wrote to alt.php back in 2003
exaplaining how to create RTF mailing labels with PHP:

Your case is not much different; only instead of mailing labels, you
need to create a transcript.  The general idea still applies though;
you have a document with a header, one or more rows of data, and a
footer.  Creating a template and populating it with data from a
database shouldn't be difficult...  


Re: Printing reports

NC wrote:
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But can I insert images? And what about tables etc?

Re: Printing reports

G0ng wrote:
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The example referenced above already has tables (that's how Word
formats mailing labels).  As to images, RTF definitely allows you to
insert them into your document.  


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