printing a .RTF file to the screen

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Hello !

I want to print the contents of a .RTF file to the screen.

I have the following code:


  $filename = "C:\test.rtf";
  $word = new COM("Word.Application") or die("Unable to instantiate
  $word->visible = true;


I can access the file because i see it flashing by (in MS Word),
but later i'm given the option of saving it to .MDI format. (Microsoft
Document Imaging). So the question is about why ==>


doesn't simply output the contents of RTF on the screen?
I have a guess and that is: by default it is refering to the
printer device (file description 1?) .  and in that case i tried
to redirect it to other file descriptors like 0 and 2. But non worked.

thanks for your time and suggesions,

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