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I am trying to understand what I need to do to prevent emails from
going into the junk folder.  Leaving consent aside, here is what I've
found so far:

1. Return-Path and From should have valid email addresses;

2. Better have the recipient NAME together with his email address;

3. Plain text email is reportedly safer than HTML;

4. Use HELO protocol (still need to figure out what this is and if I
can use it with PHP's mail() function);

5. Remove the X-Mailer header (saw this recommendation in some posting,
not sure if true).

Would very much appreciate additions to this list.  E.g. should I have
the MESSAGE-ID header and why?
Many thanks in advance,

Re: Prevent email from being classified as spam

DR wrote:
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You can't guarantee your email won't be listed as spam - you have no  
control over what the user has set up.

However - ensure you have a double opt-in signup.  Ensure the body of  
your email has a valid opt-out link.

You can't control the HELO protocol - that's the MTA's job.  But if your  
server is set up properly, there should be no problem.  And along the  
same lines, your server needs to have a valid R(everse)DNS entry.

And don't send unsolicited email.  Almost guaranteed to get your email  
server blacklisted and your account canceled.

Never heard about the X-Mailer, but probably a good idea to leave it off  
unless you can exactly match the mailer you purport to be.  Programs  
like SpamAssassin will key on incorrect headers for the reported mailer.

And message-id header will also be added by your MTA if it doesn't  
already exist.  I just let the MTA do it.

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