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Hi Guys,

Hope someone here could help point me in the right direction for this
little project.

I want to get a online computer store up and running.

I get files once weekly from about 12 different distributors. I might
get ASUS video cards from one distributor and Albatron video cards
from another. The problem I have when importing these files to
oscommerce with easy populate is that one distributor might call video
cards "VGA Cards" and another might call them "Graphics Card".

When I import the list of video cards I end up with two catagories,
when in reality there should of course only be one. This happens on a
variety of things, not just video cards.

I need to do some preprocessing to get the files having uniform groups
before they are imported.

I think I can do this with php and some arrays, but its been a while
since i have done php and a outline of the structure or even a few
lines of code would be a great help.

All the files that I get from the distributors are in csv format.

Thanks heaps in advance,


Re: Preprocessor for csv file

At Mon, 04 Jun 2007 02:23:26 +0000, BigAl.NZ let h(is|er) monkeys type:

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You want to get a shop up and running? Are you sure your homework
assignment isn't just telling you you are? It's not forbidden to tell you
have an assignment.  

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