preg_replace_callback() is segfaulting in 4.4.4, length related?

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I'm having a problem where I changed hosts, went from php 4.1.2 to php
4.4.4, and now preg_replace_callback() is segfaulting when I pass it html
that is longer than 2732 bytes. This code has worked for a long time on a
different server.

Basically, I am reading an html page template into a variable with fread().

I then am doing this, which is code taken from a user example on the eval()
php manual page, which I have used successfully for quite awhile:

What it does is evaluate mixed html and php code, and output to browser. You
call it like:


function eval_mixed_helper($arr){
    return ("echo stripslashes(\"".addslashes($arr[1])."\");");

function eval_mixed($string){

    $string = "<? ?>".$string."<? ?>";
    $string = preg_replace("/<\?=\s+(.*?)\s+\?>/", "<? echo $1; ?>",
     $string = str_replace('?>', '', str_replace( array('<?php', '<?'),
'', preg_replace_callback( "/\?>((.|\n)*?)<\?(php)?/", "eval_mixed_helper",
$string) ) );
    return eval($string);

If the template that I read into $string is 2732 or less bytes, it works
like it always did. If it is 2733 or greater bytes, it segment faults.

I found this report in the bug database, but it's really old. It sounds like
the same thing, though:
BugĀ #25754 preg_replace() and preg_replace_callback() crash with long

Anybody know anything about this?

Again, it worked fine on the older php on a different server.
I don't really know what to do to proceed with this, it's a bit out of my

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Stephen Kay

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