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I need help with a regex.  Been at it for hours and need some sanity
help :>

I am using preg_match in PHP to strip a IMG html tag. I want to strip
any IMG tag that has /work/doc?g= in the SRC attribute.

The basic one i wrote works but obviously doesnt work when you add the
height/width attribute into it:
"<img src=\"\/work\/doc\?g\=([A-Z]+)\">"

some possible variations i am encountering:
<img height="42" src="/work/doc?g=ABCDEFG" width="234">
<img style="WIDTH: 258px; HEIGHT: 46px" src="/work/doc?g=HIJKLMNOP">

All I want is the ABCDEFG or HIJKLMNOP part.

Can someone write the regex that works?  Any help is greatly

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Try this one:

preg_match("/<img(.*)src=\"\/work\/doc\?g\=(.*?)\"(.*)>/i", $string1,

Not too pretty but it works with $string1 set to both of your example
variations. $matches[0] contains the entire img tag, and $matches[2] will
hold just the ABCDEFG part. $matches[1] and $matches[3] will vary,
depending upon whether or not there were attributes before or after the
src attribute inside the img tag.



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Re: preg_match help - stripping img tag - help

you rock - that worked thx!

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