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Need help with code?
Needing Bracelet Size, Anklet Size, Necklace Size  (3 Options out of 12
on a Product Page)
To look as following Ex:  Bracelet Size: Guidelines
Guidelines will be a popup explaining How to measure your wrist size,
etc on the next 2. , click Magnetic hematie, any bracelet.

Looks good but, when I click on Guidelines, the popup does not apper in
the window and the page refreshes back to home.

This existing link works great on the Zen cart site.
<a href="javascript:popupWindow('' .
zen_href_link(FILENAME_POPUP_TERMS_COND) . '')">' . '<u>here</u>' .

What am I doing wrong???


if (preg_match("/bracelet/i", $options_name[$i]))
  $guideLink = "<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"'guideline.html',
'_blank', 'left=5, top=10,

  $guideLink = null;

          <td class="main" align="left" valign="top"><?php echo
$options_name[$i] . ' : ' . $guideLink; ?></td>

Re: preg_match help

Lisa wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Hey there

The page is being refreshed because of <a href="#">. coincidentally I
was reading about this problem on just before I read your
post. Synchronicity strikes..

The link to "#" is being followed like a normal link (which takes you
to the home page because framesets make urls like href="#" acts like a
link to the main page) as well opening a window.

To stop this happening you need add return false at the end of the
onclick string.

onclick=\"'guideline.html', '_blank', 'left=5, top=10,
toolbar=no, location=no, status=no, menubar=no,
scrollbars=no,resizable=no,widt­h=300,height=200'); return false;

Not quite sure why the popup is not opening the right page, the call looks ok. Try using an absolute url like to see what
happens, like:' ','_blank'...

Good luck


Re: preg_match help

Thank you for your help.
Got the coding right and the project is completed

Re: preg_match help

Thank you for your help.
Got the coding right and the project is completed

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