PRADO v2.1RC1 is released

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We are very pleased to announce that PRADO 2.1RC1 is now
available for downloading.

PRADO is a component-based and event-driven framework for
developing Web applications in PHP 5. Developing a PRADO
Web application mainly involves instantiating prebuilt component
types, configuring them by setting their properties, responding to
their events by writing handler functions, and composing them
into pages for the application. PRADO is very similar to
ASP.NET in many aspects.

Version 2.1RC1 is the 1st release candidate for the upcoming
version 2.1, which is a major feature enhancement release.
Besides bug fixes, the new version mainly introduces a framework
supporting seamless AJAX programming and provides a set of
AJAX-enabled controls, including

TActiveButton           TActiveImageButton      TActiveTextBox
TActiveCheckBoxList     TActiveLabel            TAutoComplete
TActiveControlDelegate  TActiveLinkButton       TCallback
TActiveDropDownList     TActiveListBox          TCallbackOptions
TActiveHyperLink        TActivePanel            TDraggable
TActiveImage            TActiveRadioButtonList  TDropContainer

Usage of these controls are extremely simple. It mainly involves
traditional property configurations.

For more details, please visit our project website at:

PRADO is an open source project hosted at sourceforge:

Thanks for your time!

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