PRADO v2.0.2 released

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We are happy to announce the release of PRADO version 2.0.2, which is
available for immediate download at /.

Version 2.0.2 mainly fixes several bugs, as well as additional features
including basic skin/theme support, updated javascript
libraries/validation, better XHTML support and more...

The following changes have been made since version 2.0.1:

Version 2.0.2 August 14, 2005
- Added basic skin/theming support (Alex)
- Increased XHTML support. Not fully compliant yet. (Alex)
- Fixed bug 1201777: TDataGridColumn doesn't have Parent, Container,
Page (Alex)
- Fixed bug 1197980: child control ID or property name clash with
member variable name (alex)
- Fixed bug 1197796: initSkin being called on non-TControls (Alex)
- Fixed bug 1257652: XHTML validation for TTextBox (John)
- Fixed bug 1257505: Dynamically created TListBox looses it's selection
on event (John)
- Fixed bug 1250291: TDataGrid doesn't keep the viewstate of nonstatic
controls. (John)
- Fixed bug 1244292: TDataGrid header dissapears on postback (John)
- Fixed bug 1233751: TNumberFormat adds unwanted minus sign to negative
values (Wei)
- Fixed bug 1230296: TFileUpload Validation Problem (John)
- Fixed bug 1218377: THtmlArea overwrites values of Width/Height with
percentage (Carl)
- Fixed bug 1217345: THead render error in TPage (CVS)(John)
- Fixed bug 1214767: TCheckBox loses checked status if disabled (John)
- Fixed bug 1204855: THead not displaying correct files (Marcus)
- Fixed bug 1152189: Date parsing for validators (Wei)
- Fixed bug 1151431: Lang for DatePicker and HtmlArea (Wei)
- New client-side validators are more XHTML compliant. (Wei)
- Added a new client-side javascript library, utilizing Prototype (Wei)
- Moved most of Prado's client-side javascript to use the new library
- Validation error messages are *NOT* red by default (Wei)
- Plus more...

On behalf of Qiang and the entire development team, our thanks goes out
to all PRADO users for the great suggestions and support. With your
help, we will continue to improve.



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