PRADO 3.1.1 is released

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We are proud to announce the formal release of PRADO 3.1.1.
This is a feature enhancement release over the previous release.
In this release, we included several new commonly requested Web
controls; we enhanced the features of existing components; and
we added translations in several languages to our tutorials.

You can download PRADO from its project website at


* Added a new control TTabPanel that displays tabbed views.
* Added a new control TKeyboard that displays a virtual keyboard
  for text input.
* Added a new control TCaptcha that displays a CAPTCHA to keep
  spammers from signing up for certain accounts online. A related
  validator TCaptchaValidator is also implemented.
* Added a new control TSlider that displays a slider which can
  be used for numeric input.
* Added a new control TConditional that conditionally displays one
  of the two kinds of content.
* Added Oracle DB support to Active Record.
* Added support to TDataGrid to allow grouping consecutive cells
  with the same content.
* Added support to allow configuring page properties and
  authorization rules using relative page paths in application and
  page configurations. Added support to allow authorization based
  on remote host address.
* Added a new page state persister TCachePageStatePersister. It
  allows page state to be stored using a cache module
  (e.g. TMemCache, TDbCache, etc.)
* Added support to the auth framework to allow remembering login.
* Added support to display a prompt item in TDropDownList and
  TListBox (something like 'Please select:' as the first list item.)
* Added support to column mapping in Active Record.


Please see the upgrade instructions included in the release.
The following changes introduced in this release need particular

* The RELATIONS declaration in Acive Record classes is changed from
  "protected static $RELATIONS" to "public static $RELATIONS".
* IFeedContentProvider adds a new method: getContentType(). This
affects any
  class implementing this interface.
* IUserManager adds two new methods: getUserFromCookie() and
  This affects classes that implements this interface and does not
extend from
* TDropDownList will be in an unselected state if no initial selection
  specified. That is, its SelectedIndex will be -1. Previously, the
first item
  will be considered as selected.


PHP 5.1 or above is required. All functionalities have been tested on
Windows and Linux using Internet Explorer 6/7, FireFox and Safari.


For those who have never heard of PRADO before, PRADO is a
component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing
Web applications in PHP. PRADO stands for Php Rapid Application
Development Object-oriented. PRADO was initially released in August
2004 as the grand prizer winner of the Zend coding contest and has
since been adopted by thousands of developers.

PRADO is best suitable for creating Web applications that are highly
user-interactive. It can be used to develop systems as simple as a
blog system to those as complex as a content management system (CMS)
or a complete e-commerce solution. Because PRADO promotes
object-oriented programming through its component-based methodology,
it fits extremely well for team work and enterprise development.

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