PRADO 3.0.6 is released

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We are pleased to announce that PRADO version 3.0.6 is formally

PRADO version 3.0.6 is a maintenance release over the previous 3.0.5
release. About ten bugs were fixed in this release and a dozen of minor
enhancements were introduced. A main enhancement in this release is the
introduction of TUrlManager and the flexibility of allowing developers
to use their customized URL scheme. Other enhancements are mainly
related with data paging and TDataGrid. In general, the new version
offers more flexibilities without losing the original powerfulness.
Complete change log of this release may be found at

PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for
developing Web applications in PHP 5. Because it is component-based,
you write object-oriented code that enjoys the maximum reusability; and
because it is event-driven, you have better focus on responding to user
interactions. With the rich set of components provided in PRADO, you
can rapidly compose Web pages and applications that are highly
interactive. Most importantly, PRADO does not prevent you from using
your favorite class libraries, such as PEAR, AdoDB, etc.

PRADO v3.0.6 may be downloaded at

- PRADO Developer Team

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