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I am kind of new to PHP so this might be a stupid question, but here it
is anyway. If there is a form, let's say somewhere on the web with a
couple of input fields and a submit button. Can I pull that .html (or
whatever extension it is) in a PHP object and then post it with the
input fields filled with what I want? And then show the result to the
user? How would that be done?


Re: posting Forms wrote:

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You are not building something naughty, are you?
I do not see the point of what you are trying to accomplish.

Anyway: if you look at some form, and just copy all inputfields, including  
any of the hidden-type, you are ready.
If you get that form and post it to the same address it was posting before  
(action in form), you probably get a result back.

Why don't you just try it instead of asking here?

Erwin Moller

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Re: posting Forms


on 12/19/2005 11:58 PM said the following:
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If you mean making a new post request to the same or other server, you  
may want to try this HTTP client class that can be used to submit POST  
requests with form values among other things:


Manuel Lemos

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