POSTing a form programatically with cURL

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Apologies for the cross post. I am quite desperate and do not know which  
ng would be the most appropriate.

I am trying to programatically POST an ASP form, to allow me to log on  
to a site programatically.

    <form name="aspnetForm" method="post" action="Default.aspx"  
      <input name="_ct99:Content:UsrName" type="text"  
id="_ct99_Content_UsrName" />
      <input name="_ct99:Content:Pwd" type="password"  
id="_ct99_Content_Pwd" />
      <input type="submit" name="_ct99:Content:btnLogon" value="Logon"  
id="_ct99_Content_btnLogon" />
      <input id="_ct99_Content_SavePwd" type="checkbox"  
name="_ct99:Content:SavePwd" /></p>

Could anyone please specify the data I should pass with the  
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS flag option (i.e. passed to curl_easy_setopt()) ?
I have not been succesful so far in trying to log on.

Re: POSTing a form programatically with cURL


on 07/12/2007 04:42 AM Grey Alien said the following:
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I rarely use Curl, only as fallback for when it is not possible to
execute SSL fsockopen requests for some reason.

What I use is this HTTP client class that abstracts me everything about
an HTTP connection. Submitting a form just requires me to pass an
associative array with field names and their values. Take a look at the
test_http_post.php example:


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