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Hi, I need to make some interaction between 2 diferents php site.
For that,  in 1 site I have a php function, it wait for some values on
the POST method. It verify the value and return a xml with the result
and one unique ID if all is well or the error code. This function I can
not modify it and I can not any access, I can only use it.
In my side I try to do a form with all values, put in the action the
url and submit button, but I was able to catch and work with xml,
always the xml is show in the browser, I wan not do that, I can catch
the xml, work with the xml and show some information on the browser.
(all in the same page)
Some people know how can I do that?

Re: POST Method

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Hi Omar,

To stop the xml data from appearing in the browser, you need to send the  
post from the PHP server instead.

the way to do this is to use Curl.
take a look at and search for Curl.
There is I think a Pear library for it too

just make sure you capture the inbound data in a variable and process it  
from there, the default is to put it on the screen.


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