$_POST limit?

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I have a form with almost 500 input text boxes.

It seems like the $_POST variable's limit is 200 boxes, as print_r only
gave me 200 elements.

Has anyone else encountered this?  It would be great help.  Thanks.

Re: $_POST limit?

bigoxygen@gmail.com wrote in news:1113524793.299066.249070

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do elaborate!!!  500 input text boxes!??!

Re: $_POST limit?

Good Man wrote:
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Sounds like he he/she works for the Internal Revenue Service

Re: $_POST limit?

There is no such limit however there is the post_max_size directive,
and web servers can also limit such sizes (size in bytes, not number of
elements). And who knows, maybe your home computer just ran out of
memory :)

re:$_POST limit?

Why don't you try to split the form in multiple pages?

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Re: $_POST limit?

On 14 Apr 2005 17:26:33 -0700, bigoxygen@gmail.com wrote:

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 Just tried it with 5000, with no problem.

 Do you get any errors?

if (isset($_POST['input']))
    print "<pre>";
    print "</pre><hr>";
<form method='post' action='test.php'>
for ($i=0; $i<5000; $i++)
    print "<input type='text' name='input[$i]' value='$i' size='4'>\n";
<input type='submit'>

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