portinstall php5

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recently had a FreeBSD box set up and Apache22 and php5.1
installed...via ports...I was not involved in the installation and i am
new to portinstall which is what was used...

i am having to go back and install all the needed modules and
extensions via portinstall post core installation...this is something i
would have taken care of in the ./configure file on any other

i am fairly new and pretty much ignorant to the whole process of
installing services in the 'nix environment.  I know what modules and
extensions my code needs and i am figuring out how to install them via
ports as i go now....

i would like to know is there a more efficient method to
installing/configure php5 with ports via a config file? or am i
relegated to tracking all the mod/ext that i install and run
portinstall on them individually for future servers that go up??

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