Portal Concept in PHP

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I have this concept I throwing together.  It is not professional or  
anything, just something I thought might be interesting.  The concept is  
business(me) - to - consumer.  It is, What did you buy?.  You log into  
this site and describe purchases you might have made over time.  It  
might be simple like:

'Tommy Shirt cost $30'

Whatever...you submit that and you get to analyze this stat against  
other's user's Tommy purchase for example.

What do you think.


Ramza from Atlanta

Re: Portal Concept in PHP

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I think I'd be more interested in finding out how much I should pay before I  
purchase, rather than finding out I spent $20 more than I should have after  
I purchased.

Hardest part would be getting enough people's spending data to make the  
stats useful.  Some people don't like having the purchases tracked.  Other  
people will mispell brands, names of items - how are you going to teach the  
computer that two differently spelt items are the same thing?  Sounds like a  
lot of maintenance...

And with all that time you're going to spend collating and maintaining that  
data - how is it going to pay you back?  There's no point getting obsesed  
with something like this that could easily take all your free time, if  
theres no money (which you'll need to pay your bills)

Re: Portal Concept in PHP

Michael Phipps wrote:
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Just a fun project.  Yea, at first it sounds kind of silly.  But, if you  
look at the tagging sites that are out there, for example technorati.  
The misspellings and all that are irrelevant, because you have thousands  
  of other queries.

And for security issues, I hope people don't want to enter exact  
information.  Like, "I bought some condoms for $4.00 for my nightout  
with a hooker".

I want something that normal consumers might be interested in.  I may  
have to tweak my concept a little bit.

I am just doing this for fun, right now, I have put in zero resources,  
so I am not worried about time.

Ramza from Atlanta

Re: Portal Concept in PHP

Ramza Brown wrote:
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Ok, I am changing a little bit, "Where are your numbers?"  I will make  
it a little bit more generic.

Ramza from Atlanta

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