Populating form item from SQL enum set Rev#2

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$sql = "SHOW COLUMNS FROM table LIKE 'subject' ";
$qry = mysql_query($sql) or die("Query not valid: " . mysql_error());
$res = mysql_fetch_object($qry);
// This returns a row with a field 'Type' containing 'enum(...)'

$res->Type = str_replace('enum('', '', $res->Type);
$res->Type = str_replace('')', '', $res->Type);
//now the string is something like this: one','two','three

$temp = explode('','',$res->Type);
//temp is an array with as much elements as the enum

while ($temp)
    print array_pop($temp);

This way is much more easier using the elements since they are elements
of an array. Cleaver isn't it?

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